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In its Midday Form, Lycanroc resembles a quadrupedal wolf, having brown fur with white markings around its paws, neck, and tail. It has a long bushy tail, pointed ears, and blue eyes, and the pebbles around its neck as a Rockruff have now grown into long, rocky spikes resembling the rays of a sun.

In its Midnight Form, Lycanroc is a slouched bipedal wolf, with dark red fur and a thick mane that runs from its back to the top of its head. It has a short, stubby tail, folded ears and eyes that glow bright red with no visible iris or sclera. A fringe of black fur hangs over its face, and two pointed rocks emerge from either side of its waist.

In its Dusk Form, Lycanroc resembles the Midday form. It has orange fur, green eyes, and a mane that runs from its back to its head, which resembles the Midnight Form's mane. Whenever it attacks, its eyes can turn red to make it look like the Midnight Form.

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